Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bramble Inn Flourless Chocolate Cake

The Kitchen Genius’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year, so we had dinner for ten the night before we had dinner for ten all over again.

Instead of a traditional birthday cake, KG requested his absolute favorite dessert: flourless chocolate cake. My whole family adores this rich chocolate cake and it is as easy to make as it is decadent to eat.

The recipe is from Ruth Manchester, chef and owner along with her husband Cliff of our favorite special occasion restaurant, The Bramble Inn, in our hometown of Brewster. I’ve interviewed Ruth several times over the years for stories I've written and she is absolutely delightful – warm, generous and an incredible cook.

She finds inspiration for her recipes from the local bounty of Cape Cod and every dinner is served on real antique china. If you are in the area, definitely give the Bramble a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Ruth’s Bramble Inn Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe is included in local writer Mark Jasper’s book, The Cape Cod Christmas Cookbook, a cookbook I use extensively every year during the holiday season.

I always serve the cake on a plate covered with raspberry puree and top it with homemade whipped cream. This year, my little sweetie helped me make the whipped cream. She LOVES to cook with her Nani and Papi. Licking the beaters is just a bonus...

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

The Recipe:

Ruth’s Bramble Inn Flourless Chocolate Cake

12 ounces good quality semi-sweet chocolate
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
4 large eggs
1 stick unsalted butter, softened and cut into 6 pieces

Break chocolate into small pieces. Place in work bowl of food processor and process to a fine grind. Combine sugar and water together in small saucepan. Bring to boil and boil hard 3 minutes. With processor on, pour hot sugar syrup down feed tube and process until chocolate is melted. Add butter in pieces and process until all incorporated. Add eggs, one at a time and process smooth.

Spray sides and bottom of a 9-inch cake tin with vegetable oil spray. Line bottom with round of wax paper and spray again. Pour batter evenly into prepared pan. Place pan in larger pan and surround halfway up with hot water. Bake in 350 degree oven 50 minutes. Cake will look like a brownie on top and puff up slightly. Let cool 10 minutes. Invert onto serving platter and rap to remove from pan. Peel off wax paper and cool completely. Serve with raspberry puree.

Raspberry Puree

2 tablespoons clear red jelly like raspberry, current or beach plum!
2 small containers fresh raspberries

Melt jelly in small saucepan over medium heat. Add raspberries and cook, stirring constantly and mashing berries for 5 to 7 minutes. Strain puree through fine sieve strainer. Line plate with puree and place a slice of flourless chocolate cake on top.

For a printable recipe click here


vanillasugarblog said...

I love making this, and the best part? It's sooooo easy. Something so tasty, yet so easy to make.
In response to your comment on my blog...I did go to Bucky's once and it was horrid. The cookies were so stale and the scones were just awful. So, maybe you got something that was good. I was excited too because there aren't that many bakeries on the cape. I tried them again, later, and the quality of the cookies was so flat and tasteless, almost as if they were using either low quality ingredients or less of them.
Do you ever remember McNeils Bakery in Sandwich? (I'm going way back some 10 years ago). They were such a great bakery...there is a Mary Lou's coffee there now lol.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I am with the Kitchen Genius--flourless chocolate cakes are always the way to go! This looks wonderful!