Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bourne Scallop Festival offers Old Fashioned Fudge in New Fangled Way

Is there anything more fun than teeny tiny food? I don’t even like sweets, but these miniature ice cream cones for the bargain price of $1 were simply irresistible. Instead of ice cream they are filled with fudge.

I found these little gems at the 39th annual Bourne Scallop Festival on Sunday. Fall is a great time for food festivals on Cape Cod and for foodies like me, nothing is more fun. The Scallop Fest is held on the shores of the Cape Cod Canal with a lovely view of the historical verticle lift railroad bridge, which had the longest lift span in the world when it was constructed between 1933 and 1935.

The teenagers must have been bored because they decided to join us, and our granddaughter, Skylar, tagged along too. We arrived hungry so we got right to the main event as soon as we arrived. Every year the Scallop Fest serves up three tons of fried scallops to about 50,000 annual visitors. This scallop platter tasted as good as it looks!

Then the kids took Skylar to the Midway to ride some kiddie rides and the hubby and I wondered around the craft tent and home show.

Since I didn’t do any cooking for this meal, I’m borrowing a tried and true recipe from my Mom for her famous fudge. For years my Mom made this fudge to sell at the Brewster Store, an old fashioned general store where she worked. She says the recipe used to be on the back of the Hershey’s cocoa can.

It is one of the few sweets she remembers her own mother making during her childhood and she loves the old fashion texture of this recipe, which is far superior to the marshmallow based fudges.

The Recipe:

Hershey’s Cocoa Fudge

3 cups sugar
2/3 cup cocoa
dash salt
1 1/2 cups milk
½ cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla

Butter sides and bottom of a heavy saucepan. Mix first four ingredients in pan and bring to a boil stirring occasionally. Lower temperature of burner to medium and cook until it reaches 234 degrees (soft ball stage). Add butter and vanilla. Do not stir the fudge while it is cooking or after it is done until the temperature lowers to 140 degrees. Then beat the fudge until it loses its gloss. Pour into a buttered 8 by 8 pan. Score fudge while it is warm.


Cecily R said...

Dang it! Why didn't you tell me on your comment that your blog was full of yummy goodness and that I should wait to read it until afternoon??? Now its 10:30 and I am HUNGRY!!!! :)

Dee Light said...

Those have to be the cutest little cones ever!! What a great idea to fill them with fudge!!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by Cecily and Dee Light! And thanks for the great comments.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Oh man do I want those little fudge cones! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments. Don't lose courage on the joust--based on what I see on your blog you will come up with something great! Just do it!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness, those ice cream fudge cones are so fun! That fudge recipe looks good too! I have never seen fried scallops!

I am adding you to my blogroll...I don't want to miss any of your posts!

Laurie said...

Thanks for the push, Deb. I will joust this weekend! I've always been a last minute, deadline kind of gal.

Meg! You've never seen fried scallops??? Get thee to the coast, girl. These sweet, succulent babies are not to be missed!

Michele said...

what an original and fresh idea to serve fudge in mini cones. They are adorable. I can't be around fried scallops...I'll keep eating them until I pop.

Are you doing a joust entry this month? I always feel that mine are too plain and simple for the Joust. But that is my cooking style. I've never went for fancy dishes.

Hollee said...

Glad I could help - and your fudge looks DE-lish. Makes me think about the fudge I will be making very, very soon!