Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Cast

The Kitchen Genius and Me

We live on Cape Cod and love everything about food and cooking. One of our favorite pastimes is meeting in the kitchen at dusk to talk about our separate days as we create a meal for our family together. I work as a freelance writer and mostly write about my two passions: food and books, as well as the Cape Cod art scene and anything else my editors desire. My husband, dubbed the Kitchen Genius because he hated it when I called him "the hubby" on this blog, is the executive chef at a local restaurant chain. So yes, he is actually pretty good in the kitchen.

Daughter Number 1 and Company

Our oldest daughter, her boyfriend, and our granddaughter, otherwise known as Jess, Scott and Skylar. They currently live on Cape Cod, but plan to move to Boston this summer to try life in the city while Jess works on her Master's Degree in Macro Social Work at Boston University and Scott pursues his dream of acting.

Daughter Number 2

Our Southern girl Melissa lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and is an Assistant Manager at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Hotel. Our most adventurous child, she is determined to make her own way in the warmer climate of sunny Charleston. Even though we miss her terribly, we're very proud of her.

Daughter Number 3

Our teenage daughter Julie is trying to decide between being a hairdresser or a dental hygenist (because those things have so much in common???) She spends all of her free time with her boyfriend Gary, who we now consider one of our kids because he eats dinner at our house every night and even does dishes. They are budding chefs themselves and love to bake together in the afternoons.

The Boy

Our son, Tommy, is 13 and the most laid back kid we have. I can never tell if this is a boy versus girl thing or just his personality. He is our pickiest eater, but now that he is growing inches daily he has actually started to eat food that would never cross his lips a year ago. I believe there here is hope for him yet.